Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm back home!

Hi all :)  Just wanted to let you know I'm back home and I will be making a entry later today sometime, didn't want anyone to worry that might do so.  Have a great day and I've missed you all :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Buried at

Hello all :)  Update ~ I will be leaving Newport to go to Portland the beginning of next week, Terry has a doctors appt. with one of her multiple sclerosis specialist on Monday, then I am packing my things I have in storage get that all finished so we will all be ready to get out of Portland by the 23rd - we will be going via Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.  Of course we will be watching the snow reports and where it's if that route doesn't turn out to be the safest, we will go down thru California. 

Newport has been lovely and peaceful for the most part, I love it here - tho my love of the place as been muted a bit because of my love for Cindy and missing our home.  Does that make sense?  It might not  LOL.

I miss my wife so very much, I miss Lares, Draco, Heathen and Kizmet... (insert deep heartfelt sigh here) I miss her feet when we sleep against mine, I miss being able to cuddle up into her back when she's sleeping on her many things.  She (Cindy) makes my heart sing and where Cindy is - is home.

She says the boys really miss me and the cats too so that's a good thing, right?  I keep telling myself this is just business - and I will be home in 2 weeks.

I've managed to get some pictures while I am here - going to the ocean one day this week and get some really neat pictures there also, I hope.

It's been usually cold and rainy here - but it is all the time this time of year tho.  This past weekend was nice because the sun was out and there was no rain or hail.

I miss all of you, I miss being on my own computer where I can actually do something with my entries. Going to do a journal do over once I get back, different side bar and graphics once I do get there.

I hope everyone is fine, safe, somewhat happy and content.   Love and Hugz******  Teresa