Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's me

Buried at Photocasket.com

Hello everyone :)  Sorry about taking so long to make a entry - I'm not sure this entry will be that long even  :(  depends on how much my "focus" stays in place. (Which you know of from Cindy's entry previous to this one). 

Things have been out of sorts here for me lately - been working quite a bit, hiding myself in our home etc.  Still trying to adjust to C's best friend living with us.  She will be here till at least December when she will hopefully be purchasing her own home. I really, REALLY hope this happens.  It's not that I don't like her - quite the opposite really, I do like her - She just gets on my last nerve at times and I don't like to share my time that I have with Cindy, we don't get that much as it is with both our work schedules.  I also feel sometimes like the outsider looking in, does that make sense?  It will be o.k. I'm sure.

Work has been so so - that is a story in itself, one that I really don't want to get into.

I have a new computer - it's a Dell and it's a heck of a lot faster than my old one, still figuring out the little "quirks" on the new one but I like it so far.  I have my PSP 10 downloaded on this one (YAYYYYYY) and I look forward to learning how to tag.  I have to find the instruction booklet though, it's buried somewhere with all my other papers etc.

Lares and Draco, Heathen and Kissy are doing wonderfully, Lares and Draco are still growing, filling out - later on in August they will be 8 months old; I need to get some up to date photo's and post them so you all can see.  C's best friend has two cats also but they stay in "her" room (aka my office).  They are sweet kitties :)

My best friend Terry's mom isn't doing too well - so you all say a prayer or whatever you do for her?  She needs it, bad.  She's almost died a half dozen times in the past couple weeks (her heart is severely damaged from tissue damage).  She is diabetic for one thing (Terry's mom, I call her Ma Bear) and something happened a couple months ago give or take where her organs began shutting down for no known reason and I mean ALL her organs - she came this close <~> to dying right then and there.  She wound up in the hospital in ICU and they got everything working again, but in the process of the organs shutting down, there was some very serious damage done to the tissue and the muscles of her heart.  So send/give a prayer or whatever?  It would be appreciated, She's a wonderful person and Terry is too!

Thank you for all your very, very sweet comments to Cindy's entry that she made for me...wasn't that wonderful of her?  I just ask you to please be patient with me, it will all get straightened out and things will be better.  I miss you all very much.

Buried at PhotoCasket.com

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is Cindy with a update on Teresa, just in case anyone is worrying.

Hello little Teresa world peeps....(obviously this is not Teresa but her better half) Teresa has had a lot on her plate and is having a hard time focusing lately so I'm here for your daily entertainment.  Just kidding.............you can have her........well, not for keeps but here for a little while. 

Obviously, since I can NOT work a journal correctly, I've been banned from Teresa world...........so I hope the rest of the world is fine and dandy and we are still doing fine, kids are fine, and we are still alive and kicking.  Now off the keyboard unforsaken trespasser.