Monday, November 3, 2008

Letting everyone know just in case!

I've retired this journal ~ I wanted to start a new "me" so when I transferred to Blogger I created a new journal called "Shadows of the Moon" ~ thought I'd create a new beginning. Not that much has changed. Blessings* Teresa

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's me...

Good Morning everyone !

Now that I've got Blogspot and My Space figured out and at least started I wanted to beg all you to give me time to get around to everyone's new Blogs..'k?  And please if you visit either my Blogspot or My Space Blogs, pls. leave me a note you've been there & if you aren't on either of these yourself, leave your new Blog's addy?  I really want to get to everyone's new "set up's" and tho it may take me a little time, I WILL get to them.



Thursday, October 2, 2008

More news...

Okay everyone, I now have a Blogspot addy ~ here it is... hope to see you all there (as well as My Space cuz I can do neat things with graphics LOL).  (((Hugz everyone))).



let me know if the link works 'k?



Oooops just found out you need the email addy for My Space to apply... my email addy for My Space is ~

it will ask for this so don't forget :)

AOL Sucks Pt. 2 LOL

Hello all ~ well I guess I will be going to Blogspot unless I change my mind... will be setting up an account later today... I have already established a My Space acct/page if you'd like to visit and become a part of my "friends" group... just send a request for the OK and I'll ok it, don't have any entries yet, just the page... will be doing that later this week also... here's the link ~ I hope to see whoever has a My Space page there!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freaking AOL ~ (I know I have to be Positive blast it)


I have a question, if you are a paying customer of AOL's ~ WHAT these days are you exactly paying for???  Damned if I know  ~  I have a question (or 2 or 3 or 4) for any of you out there that read this thing... 

1.)  Where do I put my graphics now?  Who do I store them with where it is pretty easy to figure out how to work the blasted thing?

2.)  What is a good place to start a new journal where I can use my graphics freely and easily?

I am aware of Blogspot etc.  any other ideas?  or are the majority of you going to Blogspot?  I want where I go to be able to reflect "me" ~ I think you are aware of how very much I love my graphics ~ to some of you, you could care less LOL.  To me, graphics are art...

Well, needless to say I will be checking into everyone's journals (BUT just in case if you leave a comment?  please leave your new journal addy for me?  IF you have one already?)  to see what's going on... I don't want to lose anyone...this is really sad and kind of scary... I realize some of you are saying "everything in life changes etc. etc. I for one am not one for change... it overwhelms me (as any of you who have read me the panic issues are bad with this kind of thing).  I'm sure a lot of you out there are overwhelmed.... (that sounds like I have hundreds of readers when I know I don't) let me know how you are dealing with this?  Please?  it would mean a lot to me. 



Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm thinking again and I don't know if that's a good thing


Diversity ~
Compassion ~
Tolerance ~
the end of Ignorance
the end of prejudice
the ending of battling one another
the coming together for one purpose
supporting one another for a goal
Open Minds
Open Hearts
these are the things I want for this world, for this country, I am sad to say that what is going on in this country today shames me, it wounds my heart and soul.
Politics? I am coming to hate it resoundingly.
The bickering, the one upmanship, the lies, the false platitudes...the scheming for power for oneself instead of for this country as a whole.
Democrat? Republican? what are those? in this day in age it is a extremely divisive issue. When it comes down to it in my mind, is nothing but a longing for power, the struggle for it for both parties.
The Religious Party's interests are for the same, their own message, their own needs to force their beliefs & ways of life onto others, no matter that there are differences ~ face it, we don't believe the same, we don't worship the same, we don't understand the same.  To me? and I am extremely for this - the original intent of the forefathers of this country "separation of church and state" there was a reason this was written, created.
Propaganda is foolhardy, truth is what is needed.  Not hearing words that the politicians THINK we want to hear.
I know in the past I have made no effort to conceal, hide or otherwise my opinion of the President at this time, that feeling is still the same, hasn't changed. What has changed is the fact is I am almost tired to death, to the point of not caring anymore.  I can't do that to myself though because that would make all the sacrifices that have been made for the military in vain and I will NOT do that to them.
I believe that I DO have hope, I believe that I do have my rights (though by any day those could change) I have MY voice, which I will use to at least say what I feel.
I want people to get along with each other, to love each other no matter what their differences are ~ whether it is the matter of the color of one's skin, their religious/spiritual doctrine, who they are sexually, whether a woman wishes to have the control and RIGHT to say yay or neigh to their rights of abortion, the control of their OWN bodies, not something that is taken away because of religious ideology. 
My simple solution to that is ~ if you are against abortion? don't have one ~ if you are against birth control?  don't use it. period.
Hell, I don't know what to say anymore, or think ~ all I know is what is in my heart of hearts and that is the hope that this country will pull itself together as a WHOLE and put all the cultural, religious, political differences aside and realize that no matter what that we are as a country ONE people.  And no one has the right to take the rights away from another individual or group of people because of your personal preferences.
Sorry if this makes no sense, but it was something that was hurting my heart and I needed to talk about it. Disjointed as it may seem.
THINK before you speak, THINK about your actions~ teach your children love and acceptance ~ "out of the mouth of babes" ~ don't teach them hateful things, don't teach them to HATE because they don't know how unless parents show & teach them this... teach them to love themselves and each other, no matter the differences between them.  No matter what, we are all one.