Friday, March 30, 2007


Hello Everyone
A few lines to let you know that I'm sorry I haven't been writing or commenting on journals.  It's been really busy here for me lately - working double shifts etc. as well as taking care of things at home - just been too blasted brain tired to write much at all about anything; main focus seems to be just getting off of my feet lol.
Cindy has been working her rear end off also, She is exhausted but she's top of the game at what she does for work (clue: She's a woman doing a man's job in a man's environment & She is kicking their asses ) nothing against you gentlemen who are kind enough to read this journal.
I have come to the conclusion I am just getting old    My body just doesn't want to do what it needs to do anymore as far as my job is concerned, used to be I could handle this with one hand tied behind my back and not suffer one iota for it; now? totally different story  lol  not to mention the fact that I am the oldest person there - Sheesh.
I don't have any days off till Monday and Tuesday next week and I know I'm going to be exhausted Monday... so I will try to write again on one of those days, something a little more fulfilling.
I worry about Cindy being here at night by herself and eating right.  Her idea of a meal when she is alone is cereal    I tell her, you need to eat something healthy, not just cereal.  But?  that'swhat she is happy with, tho sometimes she will eat a sandwich instead.
Russ, I know this is your weekend with your Pops - I hope it goes well and you enjoy yourself while you are there, is Pete going with you?  Seems I remember you saying in one of your entries that he was, I think that is a good thing if he is, he will be your rock (smiling at you).
Cin?  I'm happy your hubbie is home (or it seems like he was supposed to be?)  And Alex and his building things sounds so wonderful, he is a beautiful boy
Marie - thank you for your insites on your journal, I love reading you when I can lol.  You are a gentle person in this harsh world and I appreciate you so much!
Lyn - you go girl !  LOL
Margo - you keep hanging' on and don't let Inanna get the best of you, I'm proud of you.
Indigo?  thank you so much for you wise words and gentle nurturing.
Mary? even tho I don't write back much.. I love receiving your little "notes"  they mean much to me.
All you tagger's out there?  you PSP'ers  lol  I love your tags and snags and each and every effort you make is deeply appreciated and enjoyed.
Gazker - I'm sorry about the rain in Spain...
Stevie - you are great
Donna - what can I say... just thanks for your wit and writing & artwork.
Ok, I think I'm going to go for now - The babies (Lares, Draco, Heathen and Kizmet are doing wonderfully).  I will try to write again soon.
Wind to thy Wings all...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Was going to write an entry yesterday then company came, it was too late after that. Today? I was going & have been trying to gather thoughts enough to be able to write but frankly I just feel crappy.  I will attempt to do so again either tonight or tomorrow sometime. I miss you all.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

can we say SHEESH?????

Okay, yes, this is somewhat of a "dark graphic" by hey... I adore dark graphics for the most part, unless they are terribly morose.  This one is called "Thunderbolt From Hell" by Aegina (will find her website at another date, I think there is one).  I can't help it, I just liked it - would love to go and find a place like this somewhere and go investigate it...think I'd find any paranormal activity?  I think so <g>  for those that don't know - paranormal ~ parapsychology (ghosts, spirits etc.) is a passion of mine - watch every show I can find on it. It's a fascinating field of science - and YES, it is a science.

Okay, so what's been going on with me for the exception of life pinching my ears off?  Well, that's just about it - I have nubs where my ears used to be, going to have to find a spot on my head to hang my earrings 'cuz the ear lobes are surely missing. (yes, I'm kidding).

I had started a new job, new everything - and it's been overwhelming me actually and I haven't had any time for any other thoughts other than getting the job worked out and going.  Now that I'm a little more comfortable and secure about it I am finding some time to write.

I've been trying to get around to reading everyone's journals, but it is going to take me awhile, so for those that have written "missing me" thank you, it makes me feel needed to know that people actually notice when I am gone for a few days.  I'm very lucky to have been blessed with souls like yours as friends.  And I will try my best to get all my reading done soon.  If  I don't reply to all the entries I missed, I will write in the most current just to let you know that I've been there 'k?

I truly hate starting new jobs - I'm one of those people that stay in one place forever, mainly because I am terrible at change when it comes to things like that, I don't adapt to new places/people/things that easily.  So, when someone get's me, they get me LOL.  I'm intensely company loyal, I think that's a good thing, but there are others out there who don't have that loyalty & tend to look at me like I'm crazy - they say things "you know if they want to screw you over they will" and I'm like - well, that's a great way to live your life at your workplace..ya know?  I mean YES, I am not naive enough to think that I am that important in anyone's life or in their business - I'm just numbers and a paycheck that needs to be paid to for most companies this day and age - doesn't mean I have to feel that way, right?  Even if I'm unhappy about something at a job, I'm not one to gossip about it to fellow coworkers - I keep my opinions to myself and if I need to vent to anyone, I vent to my Wife...Cindy.  She listens to me and offers me sound advice.  Same as when she needs to vent to me, she does it TO me and listens to my advice if any is needed.  I'm NOT a gossip, I don't like gossipers - been on the recieving end of that idealistic part of life and I don't like it.  It hurts people any way you look at it - even if it is deserved in some cases.  People have feelings and those feelings shouldn't be ignored.  Now, don't take me wrong - I do not let people use me for a rug or anything like that, if I've got something to say, I say it - I say it to the person's face that I have the issue about, not behind their backs.  Believe me, I can be extremely blunt.

Anyway, I also was having computer issues, my Power Source burned out....and Cindy had to install a new one for me, She's also going to be putting in a larger hard drive for me too  :) :)  Isn't that nice??  Then last night my keyboard went - that is truly aggravating when you are all set to write to your hearts content in your journal, you know?  lol - sooooo My Darling Wife brought me home 2 keyboards lol.  She's such a honey bunny....I love her so very much!  Now I've just got to get my disk writer/burner back to workin'... but it will happen :)

The Puppies (Draco and Lares) are growing ny heaps and bounds - they are lovely creatures (children) and Cindy & I love them so.  Heathen and Kizmet (Kissy) are doing very well also - Heathen keeps sneakin' in and moochin' on Kissy's food, but he's getting better about it so that's a good thing.

I missed all you guys so much :)  I hope that everything is going well for all of you -

Cin ?  that pic of Alex was beautiful... he is such a wonderful boy and you are so very lucky to have him. (pssst, but you know that lol). RUSSY POO!!!!  I love you!!!!! and I love your toon' are extremely talented and I'm proud of you.

I'm going to go for now, will try to write more later if I can....

Brightest of Blessings to each and every one of you and

Wind to thy Wings...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a quickie

Hello all :)  I wanted to write a quick entry to let you know I was ok (in case anyone was wondering or worrying or maybe both).  It's been a crazy & busy past few days here and I haven't had time to sit and gather thoughts etc.  Just know that I am ok, just being trampled by life and will write as soon as I get more than a few moments of clarity.

I've tried to leave comments for many of you but I'm having troubles with that - AOL get off of your A** and DO something about these issues!!!!!  (grumble, grumble).

Cindy is fine, The Puppies are fine, The Cats are fine... I am fine, just tired & busy. I hope all of you are ok - and that Spring is going to visit soon - Persophone will be coming back from Hades soon :)  That's a good thing, then Demeter will be ecstatic lol.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, read your greek mythology (chuckle).

Brightest of Blessings to everyone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My "Wish List" of Trips I'd like to make...and no, not the one's where I fall on my face lol

I don't think any of you know, but I have this fascination in visiting Scotland, Wales, England.  I have had this "thing" about these places for a looooong time ~ I've read quite a bit on each place... so, I am creating a entry with pictures etc. about some of the places within each of these countries I'd like to visit & I am adding links so that you all can check out the history of each picture.  The odd one is Hungary - my family comes from Hungary, they left during the world war to escape the Nazi's and Hitler...if they hadn't many more than what did, would have wound up in the camps.  My family there were Gypsies in part - true gypsies, there is a long history in my family tree but unfortunately much of it's been lost because of death's and separation when they immigrated here.  I know that I have family still in Hungary, quite a bit from what I understand - the parts of my family that did not come to America went to Austria and Poland instead, some even found their way back there after the fall of communism; and yet? with my own personal history? I still yearn to visit Scotland, Wales and England - is that crazy?  I hope not, if it is? then let me be crazy lol.  I think I am going to divide the entries up into 2 sections ~ the 1st for Scotland and Wales & the 2nd for England and Hungary because I KNOW my focus is going to screw with me so I will make it easier that way.

Note:  most of the pictures I have found I found in the site  the one's that do have the pic's watermarked as such.

Okay, on with it...the first couple of photo's are of Scotland...


 This is " Castle Dunnottar " in Scotland... if you click the name it will take you to a site that explains it's is a added one from Wikipedia ~, is it not awe inspiring?  The next is a picture of Standing Stones on the " Isle of Lewis " in Scotland....

                              here are a couple extra links on the Isle of Lewis - Isle of Lewis 1 & Isle of Lewis 2 ~ not to forget  " Isle of Skye " which is part of the Orkey Island chain off of Scotland...


Here are some of the places within Wales I'd like to go visit too!


 This is " Conwy Castle " in Snowdonia Wales along with a couple other links ( Conwy Castle 1 & Conwy Castle 2 ) &  pictures I found on the net -  This pic and the one following I found at     " Algieri Images "  This one is of **Conwy Harbour** (with the boats) and the following is a village there called **Blaenau Ffestiniog** ~  are these places NOT beautiful?? I could drink these places up just for the richness of the history involved there - The Welsh were (& are) so fierce & determined to be independent of the English...  here is another beautiful pic of Snowdonia (the region that Conwy Castle is in)

 here also is another link for Snowdonia.

Okay, that's enough for this entry - my concentration is gone. Will write about England and Hungary next.  Toodles.

Please, if any of the links don't work let me know so I can fix them :)

Catchin' up a little

Hey all !!  First of all, I haven't been able to leave comments for some of my usual journals that I comment on  :(  I can with some and other's it's not working...soooooo if I haven't left a comment on my usual journals, it's because I haven't been able to.  My apologies.

Second of all - Here is the cartoon Russ over at "Beat at Joe's" and " Inner & Outer Demons " drew for me... I LOVE it <g>  isn't it just too cool???  ((huggin' Russ up AGAIN)) Thank you Hon for doing this for me, you made me fabulous :)


Thursday, March 1, 2007

More Puppy Pics :)
















Puppies (the Boys) New Pics ~

Taaaaa Daaahhhhhhh !!!  Here are the new pics of Lares and Draco at 10 1/2 weeks old :)  They are now 12 weeks old as of today ~ Lares is the Red and White Border Collie and Draco is the Black and White Border Collie - they are brothers - Lares was 1st born in the litter & Draco the last born.  They are both registered with the Border Collie Association (if that interests anyone), finally got their papers in the mail day before yesterday :)

     Lares and myself, cuddling in the cold  wind lol.     

   This precious face is Draco's.

 Lares on a hunt.

  Lares again :)