Friday, August 31, 2007

well, there goes the shed :(

Good Morning everyone :) 

(insert "sigh" here)  Well, the day before yesterday, I had gotten home from work, been here about an hour, was in Cindy's and I's room getting laundry to wash and hark! what do I hear? this "whirring" sound going down the road, then a loud "pop" and the boys set up a racket of noise - I peek out the window blinds and I see the front end of a car sticking out from the side of the shed on the side of the house...or actually the front right corner of the house.  I'm like "what the hell?" so I go tearing out the side door and this old 80 or so year old woman comes out of the car!  She had been coming back from the dentist got the top of the hill to the left of the house, lost control of her car, took out 5 or 6 mailboxes (including ours) brought one of them with her (it was sitting in the road with our mailbox and mail everywhere) went into the ditch in front of our house, hit the culvert, spun the car again, went backwards in between a power pole with a huge generator on top of it and our big magnolia tree - took out our blasted shed!! it's sitting out there on the side, just hanging...that shed covers the old well and the piping out there.  That shed is no I go back in the house, grab the phone, call 911 - get a state trooper out here, they sent an ambulance to because they weren't sure if there would be a need for it (and with a 80ish year old woman I don't blame them) I was scared to touch her in case there WAS something wrong that wasn't immediately noticable...her husband shows up and he was the biggest a**hole !  he started calling her names and telling her she was driving like a maniac etc. etc. and I was like bud you better chill the hell out because in a minute I'm gonna rake your ass over the coals for being such a fool!  Poor woman was in freaking shock! I was petting her back (figured that was safe enough) trying to calm her down, she's crying, he's yelling at her...the trooper is sitting in his car writing up the report, I'm standing there in the full sun pouring sweat damn well going to have a heat stroke I just knew it  lol.  I had called Cindy a little earlier (a couple minutes after the 911 call) told her someone had just wrecked in our front yard and took out the shed - so she came home (thank the Goddess) and she told the old buzzard of a husband that he needed to go easy and to calm down...etc. etc. Anyway... the claim adjuster (ours) came out yesterday and did a report on the shed (we have StateFarm by the way - they are  GREAT!!) got a estimate on what it would cost to replace the shed - and they are dealing with their (the woman & butthead of a husbands) insurance company...PLUS the highway department was out here yesterday morning and replaced the mailbox pole and reattached our mailbox :)  I was frankly surprised about the quickness of the response on the whole deal.  I'm just very glad that the woman wasn't killed or seriously injured.  A foot to the right or left and she would have hit either the power pole or the tree going pretty fast and it would not have been good either way.   Okay, that's the drama for this week  lol.

The b/f situation is going, but I had a talk with Cindy on this past Sunday morning and I feel a lot better about it.  The b/f is going to Shreveport this weekend to meet her mother and go gambling at the Casino's there...this weekend is my birthday on Saturday and our anniversary on Sunday and Cindy and I are both off on Monday (Labor Day) so we will have 3 days all to ourselves :)  Isn't that great :)

Enough for now, will try to write more in the next couple days or so...

Love to all of you*****

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meandering Whit


(I had a graphic here but A**Wipe AOL won't allow the code grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so I will have to find one that the BIG BROTHER considers ok)

(HEY BIG BROTHER AOL!!!!! how do you like THAT one, meat heads) grrrrrrrrrrrr the other one was a very pretty fairy... MY salute to YOU!!! (AOL that is).

Good Morning all -

I hope this day finds you all happy or somewhat like that.

Things are quiet this morning, which is a good thing.  I was up at 4:30 a.m. made coffee, had a cig, made Cindy's breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry... have to be at work later today and I hope that it goes well.

Later when I get home from work I am going to steam clean the couch and chairs, lamp shades etc.  Puppy hair get's into everything LOL, they are getting baths today too.  Have to clean the carport and the one shed maybe today also...(we have 3 sheds but I will only tackle the one attached to the carport LOL)  (the other two are Cindy's deal <g> ).  Yesterday I cleaned the majority of the house top to bottom and I informed both Cindy and the b/f that it had better stay that way LOL.  I was "putting my foot down" I guess you could say.  Next week if it's not TOO hot I may start working on the yard or to be exact the area around the immediate vicinity of the house, need to pull up old lily plants etc. so that Cindy and I can put down some rose quartz and stepping stone paths.  We did one area already and it's pretty :)  Will help with weeds etc.  As much as I love flowers, it's just too damned hot in Texas in the Summer to have to deal with watching/caring for plants.  I will get potted ivy etc. to hang around the perimeter of the house for greenery, will be much easier to care for.  There is a big Wisteria plant in the front yard between a huge oak tree and a huge pine that needs to be trimmed - the "footers" from the Wisteria are growing to long and we don't want the roots to get all caught up in the pipes for the sprinkling system.  That would be utter hell if that happens and would cost a lot of money to repair.  There is a old shed in the front of theyard that I would like to tear down also - it's not being used, it's old ( the former owners had it there ) so it's just taking up space and looks ugly.  Cindy had mentioned doing this before I think. (could have been my imagination also LOL or wishful thinking on my part?)

I was listening to America earlier, now I'm listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive... I love the old 70's music - I know, Russ you love the 80's LOL. I like the 80's also but I love the Classic Rock from the 70's.  Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, BTO, Blue Oyster Cult etc.  Buy hey, I like "metal" also...and what's the word hmmmmm groups like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie etc.  as far as metal?  I like some of the glam groups from the 80's and the METAL one's too...judas priest,  metallica, ronnie james dio, black sabbath...

Okay, enough for this entry - things to do.  I'd like to get a nap in before I have to get ready for work.  Love you guys*********

Monday, August 20, 2007


Good Morning everyone!
I hope this entry finds you all happy, if not "semi" happy lol.
Things are going about the same here these days. Saturday night at work was utter hell... there are a couple of co workers that were very rude to me almost all evening - I wound up breaking down and crying, I couldn't even finish my shift and had to leave early because I couldn't stop crying - add a massive panic attack into the mess and I was very screwed.  I feel like a fool for falling apart like I did, yet there's nothing I can do about it now.  My boss was very kind about the situation - I wasn't going to tell anyone about "who" the fools were that upset me so because I didn't want to stir up any more gossip or problems than there already was going to be just because of the fact I broke down.  I wound up telling him and he is going to take care of the situation.  I'm so damned embarrassed at the moment about it I cringe inside lol.  I go back to work tomorrow so I shall see about the affect it will have then I guess.
Yesterday, Cindy, the b/f and I went over a old friend of Cindy's house for dinner (pizza) she's known this friend for a little over (give or take) 8 years, they had a disagreement a few years ago and fell out with each other.  It wasn't that bad, the b/f and I went as a support network for Cindy because she didn't want to go by herself.  Don't think something like that will be happening again soon - it was like a duty call and now it's done & will be dismissed until further notice lol.
The new fridge is working great, the old one was a Kenmore, the new one is a Fridgidaire (spelling?) <could get my behind up and go look at the fridge but I won't lol> the good thing is? Fridgidaire has a repair store here in town whereas Kenmore didn't - first thing Cindy did was call the Fridgidaire place and find out if they would do the warranty on this one - they said yes as long as there wasn't a already established service contract with Sears...can we say HELL NO? be a long, long time before we buy anything from Sears again.  Cindy has filed a report to the Better Business Bureau about it.  We shall see if anything comes of it.  Cindy asked the Fridgidaire was how long would it take to for them to come out for a service call if there was a problem with the fridge in any way - the lady said depending on the time of the call either the very next morning or afternoon...with Sears? Two freaking weeks!!  Can you believe that??
Ok, enough for now.  I've been trying to get to everyone's journals this morning and leaving some kind of comment - sorry again that I've been so lax in that department.  Miss you all****

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I think the "boys" are malcontent about something :x

Found this under Lares & Draco's bed....just a note probably scribbled by them ~ think it's the beginning of a overthrow of power??? Hmmmmmmmmm I don't know, but they did tear out the seat of a old chair yesterday  :-x


(and yes, it's a joke, heck they haven't even been alive for 751 days hehehehe, they're only 8 months old!)

rotten fridge :(

Good Morning Everyone -
I  hope this entry is finding you all if not absolutely wonderful then at least somewhat happy !
Things are going ok here - usual life drama as it is for most everyone on any given day/night  lol.  The "b/f" situation is still going on, might as well resign myself to the fact she is going to be here for a few more months.  It's just the way it is & there's nothing I can do to change it except wish she could win or inherit about $10,000 so she could buy a house sooner LOL. No, I didn't mean that spitefully - just ready for Cindy and I to have our home back to ourselves.
The "boys" are doing great, they are so sweet and loving AND mischievous mind you, they are definitely NOT angels.
Our refrigerator went out on Sunday, we didn't discover it till Sunday night when I went in to get some ice cream and it was liquid (sigh) we had to get rid of all the meat because it was ruined (from the freezer part) and yesterday got a cooler put some ice in it for the rest of it - had the repairman out yesterday and he discovered the there was a freon leak and the fridge was toast.  The thing is the fridge is not even a year old, we got it at Sears - a Kenmore side by side.  Luckily it was still under warranty.  There is a whole story behind this happening  lol - it was a couple of events that lead to it.  About 3 weeks ago, the house next door caught fire and burned down; well, the fire hydrant is right by our driveway so they were using that and it caused a water pressure drop while they were using it & after that happened the ice maker quit working correctly - took us two weeks to get someone out here to look at the ice maker (from Sears), he (the repairman) came last Monday, replaced the ice maker and we thought that was the end of our problem...NOT...the new ice maker never even worked right from the beginning <should have given us a clue>. So, we called Sears and found out someone wouldn't be able to get out here again till the 20th of this month - fine, we could subsist on ice brought from the store. THEN on Sunday night as I said I went to get some ice cream out of the freezer and viola! it was mush  :(  THAT was when I realized that the meat in the freezer was thawing, if not completely thawed out :( None of us had had a reason to go into the freezer for anything for the exception of getting ice from the bag of ice from the store, we hadn't thought to check that kind of thing.  SO anyway, Cindy was very angry about it and the first thing she did was to call Sears Service Dept. to demand someone get out here first thing yesterday because we had to throw out all the stuff in the freezer, it was ruined.  Someone finally got here about 2 p.m. and he checked the freezer and found out about the freon leak. To cut a long story short - we wound up having to get a new fridge after Cindy went down to Sears and chewed their ears off then spit them out...they told her that the fridge that we had they had discontinued carrying and that if we got another like approximately the same we would have to pay the difference -wrong thing to tell Cindy at that moment LOL. Needless to say, we got another fridge without it costing us a cent & they will be out today to install a new one.  They (Sears) didn't even offer to cover any of the costs of the meat and other things lost during this fiasco (about $700 worth).  No way in Hades were they going to get away with attempting to charge us for anything when it was a defect on their part i.e. Kenmore.  Besides it was still under warranty.
Okay, that's enough for me for now... I hope to write again soon and again, I hope all is well with all of you!