Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I meant to include in the below entry a link to my "Cluster Map" which is at the bottom of the "About Me" portion...I find it very interesting because it lets you see where from all over the world who reads your journal!! Well, not "who" but where they live, no personal information just the general place.  I am saying this because they are getting ready to "archive" the current map (they do this once a year) and I thought maybe you'd like to look at it...I'm not sure if you all can click on it to make it bigger..maybe you will want to put one on your "About Me" section of your journals..I love it :)  If the map doesn't work as far as the link...just click the "Cluster Map" above for the link, will take you there and you can get all the info you need in order to put one on your journal.

Good Morning
Thought I'd write this morning because I won't be able to for the next 3 to 4 days ~ I have a double shift for the next 3 days and depending on how tired I am on Saturday will depend on if I write then; usually after working 3 doubles and then a lunch shift I am TIRED lol.
I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures from Oregon - I wish I had taken more (or rather that the one's I did take were better) to give you all more ideas as far as how beautiful the place is.  I know from experience that most people that visit Oregon or live there think that it is one of the most beautiful states in the country.
I am having to work one more Wednesday shift (go back a couple entries and you will see my fussing about Wednesday's and the drunks that come out) but I believe it's my last one I will have to work for a long time. I am so thankful for that and I am so not looking forward tonight, I hope they give me a section that is small, that way I won't have to deal with any large groups that tend to drink even more.
It is cold here this morning, 28 degrees and frosty..poor Cindy has to go to a meeting 3 hours away today and she has to ride with "the guys" she is Soooooooooo looking forward to that LOL.  She has a couple movies downloaded on her I-Pod so she is taking the backseat and watching those on the way there and back, she looked so good when she left!  told her to make sure and text message me or call if she can once they get there so that I will know they arrived safely.
This past weekend we tore the carpet up in the living room and to what is our surprise??  Beautiful hard wood floors!! I mean these suckers were put down piece by piece..they are about 1 to 1 1/2 inch slats wide by about 6 to 8 inches long, put down by hand!  I cannot imagine why they covered up these beautiful floors!  We even pulled the carpet up in the hallway and it's the same beautiful floor... so we are just going to polish the floors and put down a large area (for the living room) and a runner for the hallway.  My office even has the same floor under the carpet, that is the next room we are going to "uncover". We are excited by the find!  Will take pics once it's all finished.  It's amazing the effect of no carpet in the living room, makes it look so much larger!
Enough for now, I need to get some things done around here before I go to work today.
The Babies are all happy and healthy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures from Oregon

Well, here they are finally, some of the pictures anyway, not all of them turned out that well   There are a couple of the beach itself that I'm going to try to get to come out more wish me luck.
The first few are of Lake Shasta and the Shasta Mt. Range, the pictures of the Bay and the boats are what you see right outside the back door of the condo, the seals are the seals that hang out with the fishing boats looking for handouts LOL.  They are "Sea Lions" by the way.  Hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I really, really hope that I didn't offend anyone with my earlier entry today or rather yesterday.  It wasn't meant that way.  'k?
As for today? well, since it is now 12:30 a.m. Central Time it was then yesterday ~ My legs are killing me!  They are cramping badly and I can't sleep because of it.  Doesn't matter that I'm exhausted or anything else ~ yet they cramp ::scowl:: It was one of my double shifts and I swear I'm never going to work another Wednesday again lol.  They have this wine special on Wednesday's and people get tipsy as a result.  There was this group of women that came in with more money than class and proceeded to attempt to make my life hell, well, I gave them to one of the male servers and let him deal with these morons.  I cannot abide people like that, one's that think because they are well off they can treat anyone like they want to, does that make sense?  I knew I would wind up saying something to them so I have them to someone else, wasn't worth losing my job over their blasted attitudes.  Needless to say I'm going to inform the person that makes the schedule to NOT schedule me on Wednesday nights anymore.  I can't believe how badly they threw me off of my "stride" at work.  Arrogant bytches ::grrrrr'ing::
I guess when I think about it, it wasn't just their attitudes, it was MY experiences with alcohol and my ex that made me so blasted uncomfortable ~ drunkenness in any form puts me immediately on the defensive & self protective, the only one that it doesn't bother me with is My Cindy.  It's a trust factor, you know?
It's raining outside at the moment and "the boys" are passed out asleep on the kitchen floor, Heathen the cat is too!  Cindy is sound asleep herself, just wish I were also.  I have a double Thursday too so I don't know if I will be able to do a entry on this day, it will depend.  I'm just thankful that Thursday is my last double for this week, the rest are lunch shifts.
Okay, I'm going to try to sleep again for what it's worth.
Thank you for all the comments that were left for me today ~ it was nice of you all to leave your thoughts. 



Okay, I'm giving you fair warning ~ this is going to be a rant.  So, if you don't care to read my rant then move on, this after all is MY journal and I can write what I damned well please. Correct? ::answering myself:: Correct.
I have found in the past few months that I have been censoring my entries, I haven't been writing that much, I find when I think about it ::and I HAVE been thinking about it! which by the way that "thinking" has become lately "stewing":: I have been allowing myself to not write what I want to write!  damn it, ::and if that word damn bothers you I'm sorry:: Whether I am in a good mood or a bad mood, whether I am moaning & groaning or pathetically whining because I feel my life is going out of control or I'm not happy about something or if I'm freaking depressed, I should be able to write whatever I want to!  Not all of life is "happy, happy, joy, joy" and all that malarkey.  It's not all pious and thankful.  Sometimes it's just out and out pouting,  full of rage or a feeling of injustice that I feel may have been done to my person.
And no, this is not directed at anyone or anything in particular.  This is something that ::like I mentioned above:: I have been thinking about a lot lately.
I know quite a few people pass through my journal ~ quite a few of you don't leave comments; I wonder why sometimes, I wonder what you think.  That doesn't mean I write to "please you"  or that I am pandering for more comments.  What it does mean is what is on people's minds when they read my words?  Lately "my words" have been downright  
B O R I N G and ingratiating almost, because I don't want to offend someone aka hurt their feelings.
So as notice, I am not going to restrain myself any more.  I am going to write what I want, period.

Monday, February 18, 2008



Hello everyone ! 
Sorry I didn't get an entry in last week like I'd planned, work was crazy most of the week and when Valentine's Day hit it was a thorough madhouse.  Since this is a small town (it's not tiny by any means but it is small compared to some) most of what people do on the weekends etc. is to go out and eat ~ when it comes to holidays such as Valentine's or Christmas/Thanksgiving/Mother's Day well, they descend upon the restaurants in this town ~ madness I tell you.  Anywhoo, I had a couple of doubles last week as well as my regular shifts and I was just plain old down and out tired.  My brain didn't even want to think about thinking lol.
Took the "boys" out to be groomed this past Saturday (Cindy took them) and they came home all pretty and smelling good.  When we take them to be groomed they have to be put in the same kennel or Lares will fret himself sick...Draco isn't so bad, he's much  more independent than Lares is ~ be it as it may, they are still extremely bonded to each other, been that way since birth.  They are beautiful loving babies (smiling).
For Valentine's Day, since I had to work a double on the day itself, I celebrated it with Cindy on the day before; I cooked a Pork Butt Roast with homemade mashed potatoes and caramel glazed carrots with a sourdough and garlic loaf of bread.  Then for dessert I made chocolate covered strawberries.  Cindy really enjoyed it ~ She brought me home a box of my favorite Truffles...Lindt Truffles (yummy things they are) and gave me a beautiful card!  It was a very nice evening.
Today I haven't really accomplished that much, I've gotten laundry done, the sheets changed etc. normal housework type things, probably won't get that much more done can't seem to find the energy to do so.  I've been wanting to sleep a lot lately, not sure why but it seems as if I'm so blasted tired all of the time when I'm not working. 
Last night Cindy and I's friends Barbara and Michelle came over to watch "The L Word" ~ they do this every Sunday evening while the show is running on Showtime.  If anyone else out there watches this show?  Please believe me that normal everyday lesbians do NOT live that way.  It's TV and we do not all sleep with everyone within a 5 mile radius nor are we that blasted well off financially LOL.  It is nice to have a show about lesbians, but to be frank? I much preferred "Queer as Folk" while it was on. (ducking because L Word is C's favorite show).  Yes, we have those within the gay/lesbian community that DO behave like that, but the majority?  do not.
Ok, I'm gone for awhile, hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  Hugz*  Teresa
P.S.  yes, I have the pictures from Oregon uploaded on the computer, I just need to actually take the time to pull them up and copy/paste them into a entry.  I WILL do this I promise, hopefully this week sometime.  

Somewhat Belated ~


Wishing everyone a Belated Happy Valentine's Day!!
Sorry I'm late   It's been hectic around here!!
Looking at the above graphic (which was made by a very nice lady named Helga) makes me ALMOST wish I had a figure like that!!  But I don't and I am who I am ~ so that is fine with me ::grin:: I hope everyone's V'day was very nice and if you didn't have anyone to share it with? hey, you had YOU and that's what counts...
Regular entry to follow...
The above graphic was made by Missie, Thank you Hon!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I received a "Nice Matters" award <BIG grin>


Can you believe it??? I received a "Nice Matters" award from Linda over at her journal "Sangria Two" wasn't that sweet of her? I think so! I wasn't expecting anything like that and there it is, Thank you Linda <smiling> I really appreciate it!
Here are 5 that I am nominating for their journals... if it were up to me there are many more that I would nominate, so really in all actuality, this is for everyone that has ever been nice to me! Hugz********
1.)  Russ over at "Inner and Outer Demons"
2.)  Gazker over at "Diary of a Podgy Poof"
3.)  Marie over at "Marie's Muses"
4.)  Indigo over at "Raven's Lament"
5.)  Lyn over at "Brit's Blog"




Nothing clever LOL

Well, here I am ~ finally another entry (laughing) I apologize for it taking so long (it's been over a week since I got back home) but I wasn't expecting everything to take so long to get done, accomplished, put in order etc. etc. not to mention I was just plain old exhausted!  I, first of all had to change the house back from being Cindy's "bachelor" pad to it being organized somewhat again, get the uhaul emptied and unpacked and everything put away ~ and the general exhaustion of the trip itself finally setting in. And yes,  lets so NOT forget the focus thingie.
The trip itself? it was looonnnnggggg much too long, yes, you heard me rave about wanting to go on this trip forever ~ Oregon is my heart when it comes to a place in the U.S. to live, so many things appeal to me about the place; the climate (at least along the coast and the upper northwestern corner) the people? on the most part they are some of the nicest people I've ever met, especially those that are strangers first going there...Portland, OR. is especially like this in my opinion; the environment? can we say oh my Goddess beautiful?? if you haven't been there, take my word for it, it's fabulous.  I think the places I'd like to also go within the continental United States are Vermont, Maine, Upper New York etc. outside of the U.S. of A. ? Canada of course - I've been to British Columbia and I loved it, for the most part they were very nice but there were also absolute rude snobs there also - but then there are a lot of Americans like that aren't there?  We are one of those countries with one of the hugest ego's there are out there, not everyone is like that but hey, think about it and you know I'm right.  We can be snobs and think we are the bestest at everything out there in this little world.  Guess what? we don't, we aren't and some of the one's that are like that? the snobs? they need to get over themselves because the way the world is going today we need every friend we can get and we aren't achieving that thru the arrogance so many of us portray wen we are out of this country. (and yes again, that is SOME of us, not all of us).  Anywhoo, as some of the people know that have been reading my journal for awhile now some of the other places I'd love to visit in the world are as follows and not in any kind of order:
Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Amsterdam etc. My dream places - I stuck Hungary in there because that's where my family is from and I have relatives there LOL.
Enough of that. Back to the subject at trip, Oregon etc. The coast was beautiful, albeit cold, rainy etc. My next entry will contain some pictures that I took - there are more on my cell phone camera but I can't get those on the computer :(  the ones on the cell phone are of New Mexico and California ( I hate Arizona so I didn't take any pictures of it, in fact I tried to ignore the state completely, nothing against those that might read this journal that live there, I just don't like the place <shrugging> reasons being I don't appreciate the desert in any form and it holds extremely bad memories for me that I'd rather not think of ). 
The trip itself? well, I went with my best friend Terry <she is the one with Multiple Sclerosis> and her partner <they've been together almost 32 years, and yes they are lesbians> Dar, Dar flew out to Portland on Christmas Eve because she couldn't get away till then. The drive was shall we say stressful, Terry's M/S is in a aggressive stage right now & her form of the disease concentrates on her cognitively moreso than the physical, though the cognition bleeds over into the physical because of the nature of it itself.  So this made her moody, volatile and explosive ~ I'm no angel mind you, I tried for the most part to be easy going about it <except for the occasional panic issue> but occasionally I would snap right back at her which of course made things worse <wincing>.  So by the time the 6 weeks was over or nearly so I was sooooooo ready to be back home with my Cindy.  I was ready at 3 weeks!! LOL.
I guess I will go for now.  Thanks for being there for me all of you <smiling>.
Hugz and Love***********