Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Mabon ~ The Autumn Equinox

Blessed Mabon !
Mabon (pronounced)  "May-bon", "Mah - Boon", "Mah - bawn"  there are several ways of pronouncing this harvest holiday to Pagans/Wiccan's.  It is most generally known as "The Autumn Equinox".
"Mabon" itself is celebrated on September 21st thru the 23rd depending on where you are on the planet, Northern or Southern Hemisphere - it is when the day and night are now again equal, from this point forward the nights will become longer and longer till the longest night of the year which is also "Yule" or "Candlemas" or "The Winter Solstice" which is celebrated on December 21st.  Then it reverses itself and from THAT point on the nights get shorter and the days gradually longer.  Hopefully time and my memory allowing me I will write about Yule when it comes close to time.  As it is I'm hoping to remember to write about Samhain (pronounced Sow - Win) which is October 31st.
Here is a graphic of the Pagan "Wheel of the Year" showing all the festivals etc. in the order that they come in - Showing Samhain at the top of the wheel, this being because Samhain is also considered the Pagan/Wiccan New Year.
Mabon - is the first "technical" day of Autumn, it's no longer Summer (insert big YAYYYYYY YIPPEEEE !!!!!! here). 
To me, personally it is the ending of the harvest, when the crops are being finished being brought in for the Winter, the gathering of the herd animals to see which are fattest to prepare to butcher for the coming long Winter days... to insure that the populace does not starve.  Remember, this time of year has been celebrated and acknowledged since before Christianity was ever conceived of.  Hence the term "Pagan".
Sheesh, my poor mind is wandering already here... so I am going to include some links to other web sites that will be able to explain and define more clearly than I seem to be able to here  : x.
I hope that you all enjoy and that maybe it helps explain a little of my Spirituality to you.
Blessed Be!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Tag is by Chris over at "Cab's Creations" -  thank you Chris!
I have GOT to start writing more often (how many times have I written that????)  .  I hope this entry finds everyone fine and dandy!
Here on the home front things are fine - same old thing.
Autumn is finally coming!    I'm so happy about that!  September 21st give or take is the Autumn Equinox and the formal beginning of Autumn - as many of you know that have been reading my journal for awhile, Autumn and Winter are my favorite Seasons of the year.  It truly is amazing the effect they have on my spirits and my energy level, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is rejuvenating.  Plus, I adore the fall and winter tags that I find .  In the mornings now I go out to have my morning "smoke" and coffee and it's in the mid 60's and it feels so wonderful and soothing to me.  I can almost smell it in the air in anticipation.  Add into the fact that Cindy and I will be able to do more work on the house and the yard with it cooler, it's been far too hot to be able to accomplish anything without suffering maybe from heat stroke (me more than Cindy, she's used to the heat here, though it still affects her).
I was in Walmart this past weekend and they have their Halloween things set up, their "fall" things...candles, cornucopias, fall leaves, swathes of apples, pumpkins etc.  Sad thing was they already have started setting up the Christmas/Yule things also  , I don't know how many of you remember but they didn't used to do that till at least Thanksgiving or after, now they start putting them out just after Labor Day  LOL.
My friend Russ over at "Inner and Outer Demons" has started his Halloween Pears and the Daily Words associated with them and he's been discussing Horror Flicks <g> Horror Flicks are one of my favorite genre's of movie.  You all should check him out (who hasn't already done so).  He's a extremely talented artist and writes wonderful entries.
Lares and Draco (the Border Collie Pups for those that don't know) are almost 9 months old...they have achieved their full growth I believe all we need is for Lares to put on a little more weight  LOL.  They are so very sweet and totally loving creatures.  The cat's are doing excellent also...Heathen is having some issues with his Diabetes but I'm still hoping to bring it back under control with his diet, if will mean daily insulin shots for him and neither he nor I look forward to that.
Alright, I guess I will go for now. 
Love ya**************

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mourning & Sadness ~

This is the entry I mentioned in my entry yesterday ~ I was going to write about this last night but I became overwhelmed so I decided to wait till this morning to write.
I have two (actually 3) best friends that I am blessed with in my life Cindy, Terry and Dar; Terry and Dar are a lesbian couple that are my age and have been together 30 years, Terry's family is like my family just minus the blood ties; Her family consists of Ma Bear, Terry's step dad Pa Bear, Alfie (Terry's oldest brother) and Kelly (her youngest brother).  Well, Saturday Cindy and I were supposed to drive to Dallas to pick up Terry from the Airport there (She had been visiting her Mother in New Mexico) and take her truck to her there so She could drive back to her home.  I received a phone call around 7:30 a.m. from Dar telling me that we had to cancel those plans because Alfie's ex wife  had just called her and said she had gone over to Alfie's house to check on him and had found him dead in his bed.  Now, I know you all don't know Alfie or anything about him but he was a good man, he was in his early 50's but had had a hard life ~ let's just say that Terry, Alfie's and Kelly's father made difficult demands on him (Alfie) as a teenager, too many expectations that Alfie never felt like he was able to handle (Terry's dad is a cattle/land mogul) and he tried to make Alfie do what Alfie never really had the heart to do all he wanted to do was play football, live a simple life.  Alfie has/had been a alcoholic pretty much all his life; he was never able to beat that demon.  Alfie loved to cook, he was a big teddy bear and gentle soul.  The only thing I can think of (and most probably anyone else that know's Alfie and of his death) is that his body just gave up the fight.
Terry & her whole family are devastated, I'm devastated.
I don't know if you remember a few entries ago I made mention of Terry's Mom needing your prayers because of her body breaking down and her heart was giving out on her?  Well, this is not doing Terry's mom a bit of good ~ Dar said that Ma Bear almost collapsed.  I'm worried to death about her also, if her health will be able to withstand this blow.  Ma bear is very close with her children & She has always held guilt over Alfie's disease because She didn't feel like she did enough to help him overcome that illness.  Terry?  Terry has had for the past 5 years someone close to her in her family die each of those years and this has totally floored her and her heart is broken.  Terry has Multiple Sclerosis and this is not helping, nor will it ~ at all.
I wish I could do something but I can't.  All I can do is stand aside and just be there for her if she needs me.
So, please ~ anyone that read's this? Please say a prayer, offer up a blessing ~ positive thought ~ whatever, however you express yourself spiritually.  I would appreciate it, Terry and Dar would appreciate it, Terry's family would appreciate it.  Thank you for "listening".
Love to all of you****

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I have no idea what to name this entry...


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Thank you Emmi !
Hmmmmmm how to start this entry ? I guess the best way would be to go back to last weekend (the 31st, 1st, 2nd & 3rd)
As you know, last weekend was My Birthday on the 1st and Cindy's and I's anniversary on the 2nd ~ the b/f left on Friday early so we had from then till late on Monday the 3rd to ourselves and let me tell you it was so nice !
Friday night we just hung out with each other enjoying our time together ~ Saturday ( my b'day) C's Mom sent me a beautiful flower arrangement  & Cindy had given me a new bluetooth for the cell phone <cuz the babies had chewed my other one to pieces and they finally got her's also, so we each got a bluetooth >.  Cindy also got me a wonderful, luscious, sinful triple chocolate fudge layer cake , a card a little stuffed dog that looks kind of like Draco - then we went out to this little pizza/burger joint and had a b'day lunch, it was so nice and relaxing !  Then we just spent the rest of the day together watching TV etc. I loved it !  Then on our anniversary we spent time with each other again, She took me out to dinner at this steakhouse downtown, it was great - I so enjoy any time I spend with her (especially when I'm not stressed about coming home to the b/f being here ~ I felt more relaxed thanI had in the 3 months since she moved in - I was happy & content, Cindy was also, even the boys and the cats!  The 3rd (labor day) we put in a concrete pad in the dog run for the babies to lay on when they are out there <killed a baby rattle snake in the process lol>.  And again we spend time together, a wonderful time.
Well, then the rest of the week came along per usual - work for both of us etc.  Thursday night I woke up around 3 a.m. for some reason so I went outside to smoke and there was this adorable black lab puppy on our carport!  Someone had apparently dumped the dog and he had found his way here to the house ~ he must have been about 4 or 5 months old and if you know the breed, it was large <came up to my knee> and he had the sweetest nature you could want in a pup!  Anyway - I went back in because I wasn't sure at that point that he was a "dumpee" <it happens a lot around here, we are in the woods and there is a busy road out in front of our property, people just come out here and dump their pets; yes, this ticks me off royally, I don't understand how people can be that cruel, but they are, not to worry their Karma will come back & bite them in the a**>. Got up at 5ish (my usual time) and went out for my coffee and smoke and he was still there, poor baby was so hungry - had to have Cindy get up and hold the baby while I took "our" babies out <Lares & Draco> for their potty call cuz the babies wouldn't have gone out otherwise, Cindy got him some food and he woofed the first batch down, then another and a third also.  Finally took him out to the run and let him loose in there because if we'd have left him loose he would have gotten hit on that road out there.  Anyway, Cindy took him to the humane society yesterday (yes I was upset about that,  I didn't want him to be put down and I was scared to death of that happening, so yes, I got a little snippy with Cindy about it which I later apologized for, she understood why I was upset).  Come to find out that the lady who Cindy checked him in with was "family" (for those who don't understand what that means is another lesbian) called Cindy later and took him home with her and her partner, isn't that great !!  I'm so glad and relieved.
I have something else to write about but I'm still pretty upset about what I'm going to write about - plus the fact that what happened yesterday morning deserves a entry all by itself, it's not something I want to merge in with this one.
I will most probably write about it this afternoon because I have to get my mind around it, emotionally also.
Hugz to all of you**** 
 (If this entry sounds disjointed I apologize, the focus thing does that to me at times & I'm trying to fit everything in before I lose it completely LOL)