Friday, October 3, 2008

It's me...

Good Morning everyone !

Now that I've got Blogspot and My Space figured out and at least started I wanted to beg all you to give me time to get around to everyone's new Blogs..'k?  And please if you visit either my Blogspot or My Space Blogs, pls. leave me a note you've been there & if you aren't on either of these yourself, leave your new Blog's addy?  I really want to get to everyone's new "set up's" and tho it may take me a little time, I WILL get to them.




cayasm said...

What is your Blogspot link?


lisa41076 said...

Teresa, email me your link hon, Love Lisa

sunnybethe said...

Will do darlin'!  hugs & blessings,  Bethe

Joyce said...

Here you are. I couldn't find you. Why no entires Since Oct. 3?
Hugs, Joyce