Thursday, October 2, 2008

AOL Sucks Pt. 2 LOL

Hello all ~ well I guess I will be going to Blogspot unless I change my mind... will be setting up an account later today... I have already established a My Space acct/page if you'd like to visit and become a part of my "friends" group... just send a request for the OK and I'll ok it, don't have any entries yet, just the page... will be doing that later this week also... here's the link ~ I hope to see whoever has a My Space page there!



chillininjville said...

I tried adding you as a friend but it says this

Fyre only accepts add requests from people he/she knows. You must enter either Fyre's last name or email address to send your request.

I type in your e-mail address ( the only one I know is AOL ) and it says that is incorrect

Here is my new journal
Here is my "myspace"

dsonney01 said...

I haven't been back to MySpace since I moved. They are so young over there, but all my family plays in MySpace. I really think once I've settled in Blogspot I may be ok, just not as easy to navigate there. Love, Dannelle

chat2missie said...

I don't really like MySpace.  I only have a page so I can check up on my daughter.  Let me know when you join us at Blogspot.

jjdolfin9 said...

I'll wait for your blogspot address Sweetie.  I'm already there and I think I'm gonna like it there.  It's annoying to have to figure everything out (old dog and new tricks thingy) but it will be fine.  So many have already migrated over and set up new blogs.  Attached is my new address.
Hugs Joyce